PICTURING MOTION: Analyzing Multidimensional Time-Varying Data through Perceptually Accurate Exploratory Visualization


The IV/LAB distributes and/or contributes to a number of publicly available software tools and datasets.


MinVR is an open-source cross-platform virtual reality library initially developed at the University of Minnesota Interactive Visualization Lab. It supports interaction with multiple VR input devices and display configurations (e.g. fish-tank VR displays, powerwalls, and CAVE systems), while allowing for integration with a variety of graphics toolkits (e.g. raw OpenGL, G3D, Glut, OpenSceneGraph, etc.).

MinVR GitHub Page

The VRG3D Project

Open source virtual reality software development based on the G3D graphics engine. Supports clustered rendering for CAVEs, Powerwalls, and other VR configurations. Supports synchronized input from a variety of input devices, including 6-DOF trackers, multi-touch, haptics, and custom devices.

VRG3D SourceForge Page

The G3D Graphics Engine

Open source graphics library built for graphics research and game development.

G3D SourceForge Page

Image Processing and Analysis of Biomechanics Data

Matlab tools for correcting image distortions introduced X-ray image intensifiers. Additional software avaialble via the XROMM at Brown University.

FluoroCorrect (sourceforge)
XROMM group


Synthetic Biomechanics Datasets

The synthetic biomechanics datsets described in the paper, Trend-Centric Motion Visualization, along with example code for loading the data and accessing data fields can be downloaed from the following zip file:

trendcentric-synthetic-dataset.zip (45 MB)

Visual Design Artifacts

A library of artist-created data visualization visual design artifacts is available for download. Created by collaborating artists and graphic designers, these digital sketches were used to explore the visual design space (color, texture, composition on the screen) and served as a basis for visual critique and design decisions made in many of the project publications. The sketches are provided in Adobe Suite file formats.

design_artifacts.zip (434 MB)

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