PICTURING MOTION: Analyzing Multidimensional Time-Varying Data through Perceptually Accurate Exploratory Visualization

Journal and Conference Articles

Comparison techniques utilized in spatial 3D and 4D data visualizations: A survey and future directions

Kyungyoon Kim, John V. Carlis, Daniel F. Keefe

Computers & Graphics, 2017

Trajectory Mapper: Interactive Widgets and Artist-Designed Encodings for Visualizing Multivariate Trajectory Data

Devin Lange, Francesca Samsel, Ioannis Karamouzas, S. J. Guy, Rodney Dockter, Timothy Kowalewski, Daniel F. Keefe

EuroVis 2017 - Short Papers, 2017

Bema: A Multimodal Interface for Expert Experiential Analysis of Political Assemblies at the Pnyx in Ancient Greece

Kyungyoon Kim, Bret Jackson, Ioannis Karamouzas, Moses Adeagbo, Stephen J. Guy, Richard Graff, Daniel F. Keefe

Proceedings of the IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, 2015

Trend-Centric Motion Visualization: Designing and Applying a New Strategy for Analyzing Scientific Motion Collections

D. Schroeder, F. Korsakov, C.M. Knipe, L. Thorson, A.M. Ellingson, D. Nuckley, J. Carlis, D.F. Keefe

Visualization and Computer Graphics, IEEE Transactions on, 2014

Creating Widely Accessible Spatial Interfaces: Mobile VR for Managing Persistent Pain

David Schroeder, Fedor Korsakov, Joseph Jolton, Francis J. Keefe, Alex Haley, Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2013

Reimagining the Scientific Visualization Interaction Paradigm

Daniel F. Keefe, Tobias Isenberg

IEEE Computer, 2013

Virtual Reality Data Visualization for Team-Based STEAM Education: Tools, Methods, and Lessons Learned

Daniel F. Keefe, David H. Laidlaw

Proceedings of HCI International 2013, 2013

Instantaneous helical axis methodology to identify aberrant neck motion

Arin M. Ellingson, Vishal Yelisetti, Craig A. Schulz, Gert Bronfort, Joseph Downing, Daniel F. Keefe, David J. Nuckley

Clinical Biomechanics, 2013

Exploratory Visualization of Surgical Training Databases for Improving Skill Acquisition

David Schroeder, Timothy Kowalewski, Lee White, John Carlis, Erlan Santos, Robert Sweet, Thomas S. Lendvay, Troy Reihsen, Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2012

Visualizing Motion Data in Virtual Reality: Understanding the Roles of Animation, Interaction, and Static Presentation

Dane Coffey, Fedor Korsakov, Haleh Hagh-Shenas, Lauren Thorson, Arin Ellingson, David Nuckley, Daniel F. Keefe

Computer Graphics Forum (Presented at EuroVis 2012), 2012

Workshops and Panels Organized

Discovery Jam

David H. Rogers, Francesca Samsel, Daniel F. Keefe, Mariah Meyer, Cecilia Aragon, Nina McCurdy, Ethan Kerzner

Workshop at IEEE VIS 2016, 2016

Pedagogy of Data Visualization

Alark Joshi, Eytan Adar, Sophie Engle, Marti Hearst, Daniel F. Keefe

Workshop at IEEE VIS 2016, 2016

Meet the Scientists

Francesca Samsel, Daniel F. Keefe

Workshop at College Art Association Annual Meeting, 2013

Workshop Papers

Toward Mixed Method Evaluations of Scientific Visualizations and Design Process as an Evaluation Tool

Bret Jackson, Dane Coffey, Lauren Thorson, David Schroeder, Arin Ellingson, David Nuckley, Daniel F. Keefe

BELIV 2012: Beyond Time and Errors: Novel Evaluation Methods for Visualization, Workshop at IEEE VisWeek 2012, 2012

Selected Invited Talks

Magic User Interfaces: Interactivity in Immersive Science and Art

Daniel F. Keefe

International Symposium on Visual Computing, 2016

Keynote Address

Hands-On Visual Computing for Science, Engineering, and Art

Daniel F. Keefe

Midwest Instruction and Computing Symposium, 2013

Keynote Address

Working in Virtual Spaces: Interactive Visual Computing for Scientific Visualization and Creative Design

Daniel F. Keefe

Univeristy of Utah Scientific Computing Institute Lecture Series, 2012

Data and Illusion in Virtual and Physical Worlds

Daniel F. Keefe

Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Special Guests of the Muesum Series, Discussion of Luke Aleckson's UNPAC Exhibit, 2012

How Graphic Artists and Fine Artists Fit Into a Scientific Visualization Research Process

Daniel F. Keefe

Scheherazade's Toolbox, Workshop at IEEE VisWeek 2012, October 14--19, Seattle, WA, 2012


Poster: Anatomical 2D/3D Shape-Matching in Virtual Reality: A User Interface for Quantifying Joint Kinematics with Radiographic Imaging

Kyungyoon Kim, Rebekah L. Lawrence, Nikki Kyllonen, Paula M. Ludewig, Arin M. Ellingson, Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces, 2017

Poster: A User Study to Understand Motion Visualization in Virtual Reality

Dane Coffey, Fedor Korsakov, Haleh Hagh-Shenas, Lauren Thorson, Daniel F. Keefe

Virtual Reality Conference, IEEE, 2012

Poster: A Designer’s Approach to Scientific Visualization: Visual Strategies for Illustrating Motion Datasets

Lauren Thorson, Heesung Sohn, Joseph Downing, Arin Ellingson, David Nuckley, Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE Visualization 2011, 2011


FinePoint: A Novel Technique for Object Manipulation that Bridges the Gap Between Virtual Reality and the Desktop

Sam Torzewski

University of Minnesota Honors Thesis, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 2015

VisWeek Art Show Catalog 2012

Daniel F. Keefe, Bruce Campbell, Lauren Thorson

IEEE VisWeek 2012, October 14--19, Seattle, WA, 2012

Course: 3D Spatial Interaction: Applications for Art, Design, and Science

Joseph J. LaViola Jr., Daniel F. Keefe

SIGGRAPH 2011 Courses Program, 2011

VisWeek Art Show Catalog 2011

Daniel F. Keefe, Bruce Campbell

IEEE VisWeek 2011, October 23--28, Providence, RI, 2011

Related publications from other projects

Journal and Conference Articles

Interactive Coordinated Multiple-View Visualization of Biomechanical Motion Data

Daniel F. Keefe, Marcus Ewert, William Ribarsky, Remco Chang

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (IEEE Visualization 2009), 2009

Exploratory Visualization of Animal Kinematics Using Instantaneous Helical Axes

Daniel F. Keefe, Trevor M. O'Brien, David B. Baier, Stephen M. Gatesy, Elizabeth L. Brainerd, David H. Laidlaw

Computer Graphics Forum (EuroVis Special Issue), 2008

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