Visualization by Sketching, Analogy, and Computational Creativity

The IV/LAB distributes and/or contributes to a number of publicly available software tools and datasets. Click here for a complete list. The following projects have been supported by this "Visualization by Sketching" grant.


A new tool for designing multivariate data visualizations with a sketch-based user interface. Only Supports OSX 10.11 and greater.
Download Visualization-by-Sketching for OSX!
View a tutorial on loading datasets into Visualization-by-Sketching

Freeform 3D Modeling in VR

Coming soon... a new user interface for artistic 3D scuplture and controllable organic 3D modeling in virtual reality.


MinVR is an open-source cross-platform virtual reality librarythat supports interaction with multiple VR input devices and display configurations (e.g. fish-tank VR displays, powerwalls, and CAVE systems), while allowing for integration with a variety of graphics toolkits (e.g. raw OpenGL, G3D, Glut, OpenSceneGraph, etc.).

MinVR GitHub Page

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