Visualization by Sketching, Analogy, and Computational Creativity

Education & Outreach

Ongoing Project Activities

TRIO Upward Bound 9-12th Grade Science Lab Experiences

TRIO Upward Bound is an academic and college preparatory program funded by the US Department of Education. Each year of the project the IV/LAB has hosted about 35 of these students for lab tours and hands-on demonstrations of our latest research results. Upward Bound students sat side-by-side with the graduate students and PI working on the NSF project and created their own visualizations of more than 1 terrabyte of global weather data (above, right). The visualizations were made possibly by new sketch-based software tools we developed for designing multidimensional data visualizations. The Upward Bound students also experienced four different virtual reality environments, including a stereoscopic 3D visualization of microscopy data (above, left) and a virtual reconstruction of ancient greece.

Bell Museum of Natural History ExploraDome Outreach

We continue to collaborate with the Bell Museum of Natural History's ExploraDome Outreach Program. Our custom developed OpenGL-based software expands the use of this unique display beyond astronomy. At the Bell Museum, this work is the first example of an educational scientific ExploraDome application based in the life and computer sciences. In November 2012, we held our first showcase of our ExploraDome environment at the "Building Bridges to a Dental Career" Saturday Academy Health Career Opportunity Program. Nearly 40 students from the Minneapolis Public Schools participated in a demonstration and discussion led by the PI. Since then, the work has been shown to numerous groups of students and teachers, including presentations at the TIES 2012 Education Technology Conference, which has the goal of "Transforming Pedagogy with Technology".

U of M / MCAD

Our collaborations with the Minneapolis College of Art and Design have not only served an outreach goal, but have also directly impacted our research. Students and professors from the two instutions are now publishing new research results together and meeting regularly to work on research projects and courses. Each year, one activity we use to bring the two groups together is lab tours at both the MCAD graduate graphic design studios (right) and the U of M visualization labs (below).

Additional Project Demonstrations

The IV/LAB provides additional frequent tours and demonstrations to the public, and is especially interested in supporting local K-12 students and organizations. We are participating in UMN's summer Discover STEM and Eureka! programs among others. Please contact Professor Keefe to schedule a lab visit or outreach activity.

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