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Getting Involved

Visual Design for Science Working Group

As part of our NSF CAREER project we have formed a working group of artists, designers, computer scientists, and domain scientists who come together to discuss and work on visual design for understanding scientific data. If you are interested in participating, we would love to hear from you!

Computer Graphics and Visualization Group

U of M students and faculty interested in computer graphics and visualization meet weekly for a brown bag lunch and discussion. Each week, a student or guest speaker gives a brief presentation followed by a group discussion. Typically, we meet around lunchtime on Mon or Tues. All are welcome. Contact keefe (at) to get on our mailing list and confirm the meeting time for the current semester.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Our lab regularly participates in the University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates program, directed research courses for undergraduates, and more informal undergraduate experiences in research. A great way to get started is to take one of the computer graphics classes and/or attend the weekly meetings of the graphics and visualization group to learn more about what we do.

Courses at the University of Minnesota

CSci-5607: Students write their own interactive 3D modeling program and rendering engine in C++.

CSci-5609: Students create data visualizations in collaboration with scientists and engineers.

Regular Course Offerings

The core courses in computer graphics and visualization are:

  • CSci-4611: Introduction to Computer Graphics Programming
  • CSci-5607: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics I
  • CSci-5608: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics II
  • CSci-5609: Visualization
  • CSci-5611: Animation and Planning in Games
  • CSci-5619: Virtual Reality and 3D Interaction

Special Course Offerings

In addition, we regularlly offer special topics courses that are numbered either CSci-5980 or CSci-8908. Recent topics include:

  • "Spatial Graphical Interfaces and Computational Creativity"
  • "Interacting in Virtual Worlds"
  • "Computer Graphics and Design: Appreciating Design Principles and Creating Design Applications"
  • "Interactive Scientific Visualization"
Resources and Curriculum

Writing in Computer Graphics Wiki

With support from the University of Minnesota Center for Writing, our group has developed a multimedia wiki to support writing education for computer graphics students. We define writing broadly to include preparing posters, papers, talks, and the all-important computer graphics demo. Please add your own thoughts on writing in computer graphics to our wiki.

writing in computer graphics wiki
u of m center for writing

K-12 Outreach

We are always interested in working with K-12 student groups. One example recent activity is a computer graphics tour through the heart, presented in the Bell Museum of Natural History's ExploraDome!

Other Fun Community Outreach

During our research demonstrations at the Minnesota State Fair, Goldy Gopher demonstrates a neck circumduction exercise in front of our stereoscopic visualization of human neck kinematics!