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Low Cost VR Meets Low Cost Multi-touch

Conference Article

Low Cost VR Meets Low Cost Multi-touch. Dane Coffey, Fedor Korsakov, Daniel F. Keefe. Proceedings of International Symposium on Visual Computing (2010) pp. 351–360


This paper presents the design, implementation, and lessons learned from developing a multi-surface VR visualization environment. The environment combines a head-tracked vertical VR display with a multi-touch table display. An example user interface technique called Shadow Grab is presented to demonstrate the potential of this design. Extending recent efforts to make VR more accessible to a broad audience, the work makes use of low-cost VR components and demonstrates how these can be combined in a multiple display configuration with lowcost multi-touch hardware, drawing upon knowledge from the rapidly growing low-cost/do-it-yourself multi-touch community. Details needed to implement the interactive environment are provided along with discussion of the limitations of the current design and the potential of future design variants.


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