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The University of Minnesota Interactive Visualization Lab is part of the Department of Computer Science. The lab is directed by Professor Daniel Keefe. We are located in rooms 2-203 and 6-190 Keller Hall.

Directions to 2-203 Keller Hall and parking information

Our research group includes about 10 undergraduate and graduate students.

Our lab in 2-203 Keller Hall is a state of the art computer graphics and visualization lab equipped with the latest graphics cards and computers as well as emerging 3D display and user interface technologies.

Major Equipment

Four-Wall CAVE Virtual Reality Display

In 2013, the IV/LAB designed and installed a new 8x8x8 ft CAVE virtual reality display. The CAVE is driven by 8 projectors and a monster of a computer with 4 high-end NVidia graphics and compute cards. The system supports head-tracked stereoscopic 3D rendering and a variety of user input devices, include 6 degree-of-freedom input from tracked wands and custom devices, multi-touch input, and more.

Immersive Multi-Touch Virtual Reality Workbench

We have also designed and built a virtual reality workbench that combines a multi-touch table with a head-tracked stereoscopic display wall. Our research involves not only the design and implementation of hardware like this, but also creating new styles of visualization and human-computer interaction using the systems.

3D Haptics Desktop

Including a SensAble Phantom Premium 1.5 device for "feeling" virtual objects.

And more...

Many large HDTV flat panel 3D displays, active stereo projectors, SensAble Phantom force-feedback devices, Polhemus Fastrak magnetic trakers, Microsoft Kinect depth cameras, NaturalPoint OptiTrack optical 6-DOF tracking system, wacom cintiq tablets, supplies for prototyping simple custom input devices and wiring devices for computer input, and so on.