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News and Recent Awards

Research Spotlight: Bringing art to science with the IV/Lab

September 2018: The IV/LAB is featured in a University video series showcasing several research labs in the College of Science and Engineering.

Research Spotlight on YouTube

Interview with Over Coffee® Podcast

March 2018: Professor Keefe was inteviewed by Over Coffee®, a podcast focused on the intersection of art and science. Professor Keefe talks about his own path to becoming an artist and a scientist, and how art and science meet in the IV/LAB.

Podcast Episode

Orbacles installed in Minneapolis

June 2017: MINN_LAB, a design collective of architects and computer scientists from the IV/LAB, was awarded a $50,000 grant from the City of Minneapolis for winning the Creative City Challenge 2017. The grant funded the public art installation called, Orbacles, which opened at Northern Spark 2017 in The Commons park in downtown Minneapolis.

Star Tribune Article

Ph.D. student Volcano Kyungyoon Kim profiled in the CRA Bulletin

September 2016: Volcano's story and research are highlighted in a great article within the Computer Research Association Bulletin.

Profiles in Computing: Volcano Kyungyoon Kim


July 2016: Two IV/LAB papers will be presented in "best of" sessions at SIGGRAPH 2016. These special presentations highlight the best work during the past year to appear at related conferences and journals in the field. "Lift Off" will be presented in the "Best of VR" session and "Visualization-by-Sketching" will be presented in the "Best of VIS" session. Work on both projects was supported by the lab's NSF grant, "Visualization by Sketching, Analogy, and Computational Creativity".

Lift Off paper Visualization-by-Sketching paper

Northern Spark 2016

June 2016: In collaboration with the MINN_LAB architectural design collective and with support from the UMN Digital Design Center, the IV/LAB presented an interactive art installation at Northern Spark 2016, a dusk til dawn arts festival along the Mississippi River in downtown Minneapolis. The installation called, Weather Report, brings 6 decades of Minneapolis climate data to life via projection onto a 36-foot long tunnel of "balloon pixels"!

Weather Report at Northern Spark 2016

Tour the IV/LAB

April 2016: A visit to the IV/LAB is profiled on the Computer Science and Engineering Department website.

U of M's Interactive Visualization Lab Mindfully Connects Humans to Computers

Research Featured in IEEE Computing Now

March 2016: The lab's research on Visualization-by-Sketching was featured in "A Snapshot of Current Visualization Trends", a special issue of Computing Now. Read the guest editors' introduction at the link below!

Computing Now: A Snapshot of Current Visualization Trends

Best Paper Award - IEEE VIS 2015

October 2015: Congratulations to David Schroder, Daniel Keefe, and Francesca Samsel for their best paper award at the IEEE Scientific Visualization 2015 conference. The paper is titled, “Visualization-by-Sketching: An Artist’s Interface for Creating Multivariate Time-Varying Data Visualizations”, and describes David's dissertation research, which he completed at the IV/LAB in 2014. David is now an Assistant Professor at Gonzaga University. Our artist collaborator, Francesca Samsel, is with UT-Austin and Los Alamos National Labs. This is the IV/LAB's second best paper award (the first was on honorable mention) at the SciVis conference in the past 3 years.


Professor Keefe Recognized with Guillermo E. Borja Award

May 2014: The Guillermo E. Borja award is given to promising young faculty members of the College of Science and Engineering at the time of promotion with tenure in recognition of their research and scholarly accomplishments during their probationary period as assistant professors. The award comes with $3500 to use for scholarly and research activities.

CSE Awards Page

IV/LAB Hosts IEEE VR 2014

April 2014: Professors Keefe and Interrante co-chaired the IEEE VR 2014 conference held in Minneapolis, MN. During the campus visit, about 300 of the top VR researchers in the world saw demos in the IV/LAb.

IEEE VR 2014

Best Paper Award - IEEE VIS 2013

November 2013: Congratulations to Dane Coffey and co-authors who recieved a Best Paper Award (Honorable Mention) at the prestigious IEEE VIS 2013 conference for their paper, "Design by Dragging".

Design by Dragging: An Interface for Creative Forward and Inverse Design with Simulation Ensembles


August 2013: Congratulations to the IV/LAB for receiving a new three-year grant co-funded by the NSF and NIH. The project is titled, "BIGDATA: Coupling Data-Intensive Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization with Human Facilities for Design: Applications to Next-Generation Medical Device Prototyping". Professor Keefe is the PI with Co-PI's Art Erdman (Director, University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center) and Birali Runesha (Director of Research Computing, University of Chicago).

Mobile VR for Managing Persistent Pain

August 2013: David Schroeder, Fedor Korsakov, and Daniel Keefe are featured in the IEEE Life Sciences blog. The article is free to read for a limited time.

IEEE Life Sciences blog

Two IV/LAB Papers to Appear at Vis 2013

July 2013: Papers by Dane Coffey and Bret Jackson have been accepted to appear at the IEEE Visualization conference.

A Lightweight Tangible 3D Interface for Interactive Visualization of Thin Fiber Structures
Design by Dragging: An Interface for Creative Forward and Inverse Design with Simulation Ensembles

VR Table Impresses at Medical Devices Center opening

June 2013: At the grand opening of the University of Minnesota's Medical Devices Center, the IV/LAB-produced virtual prototyping table impressed visitors.

Star Tribune
WCCO 4 News
KSTP 5 News

Reimagining the Scientific Visualization Interaction Paradigm

May 2013: Daniel F. Keefe and Tobias Isenberg featured in IEEE Computing Now blog. Their article is free to read for a limited time.

Computing Now

Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

May 2013: Bret Jackson awarded the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship for the 2013-2014 academic year.

CS&E News

Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship

May 2013: Dane Coffey has been awarded the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship for the 2013-2014 academic year.

CE&E News

3M Nontenured Faculty Award

March 2013: Prof. Keefe has been awarded the 3M Nontenured Faculty Award.

CS&E News

Ten Artists to Watch in 2013

January 2013: Lab member Lauren Thorson nominated as one of the Ten Artists to Watch in 2013 by the Walker Art Center.

Adding Dimension to Data: Daniel Keefe

April 2012: Movement, pattern, shape: For a scientist, each set of data can be as unique and inspiring as a work of art. McKnight Land-Grant professor Daniel Keefe paints a picture that sheds new light on massive data sets...

U of M Research Blog

McKnight Land-Grant Award

January 2012: Prof. Keefe is one of six faculty members to be named a McKnight Land-Grant Professor for 2012-2014.

University Announcement

Grant from the National Acadamies and Keck Foundation

May 2011: Together with collaborators at the U. of Illinois, the iVLab has received a grant from the National Acadamies Keck Futures Initiative in Imaging Science to study a new paradigm of interactive visualization for real-time 3D microsocpy.

NAKFI Imaging Science Grants

ACM I3D 2011 Best Paper

March 2011: Best paper award (honorable mention) at the ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games 2011.

Coffey Honorable Mention for NSF Grad Research Fellowship

March 2011: Ph.D. student Dane Coffey was awarded an honorable mention for the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Award.

Senator Al Franken Visits

February 2011: Senator Al Franken visits to check out medical device virtual engineering project.

Minnesota Post Article

Prof. Keefe receives the NSF CAREER Award

January 2011: Dr. Keefe recieved the NSF CAREER Award for the project entitled, "PICTURING MOTION: Analyzing Multidimensional Time-Varying Data through Perceptually Accurate Exploratory Visualization".

project website
NSF award website

IEEE VisWeek 2010 Best Panel Award

Oct. 2010: Best panel award, IEEE VisWeek 2010.

Nick Malbraaten wins Department Fellowship

June 2010: Undergraduate student Nick Malbraaten was awarded a Computer Science and Engineering Department fellowship.

NewScientist Article

November 2009: Gizmos allow artists to 'feel' their creations.

NewScientist Article online

MN Daily Article

March 2009: Prof Brings New Dimensions to Data.

MN Daily article online