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Intelligent Interactive Imaging (3I)

Project supported by the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative.

PI's: Daniel Keefe (IV/LAB) and Kimani Tousaint (University of Illinois)

Intelligent Interactive Imaging

Real-time Interactive 3D Graphics for Microscopy

This project couples research in optics (second-harmonic generation microscopy) and computer science (3-D user interfaces and data visualization) to explore a new paradigm of intelligent interactive imaging. The research tightly integrates image acquisition and image analysis via a novel real-time interactive visualization environment that combines human and machine intelligence.

Journal and Conference Articles

A Lightweight Tangible 3D Interface for Interactive Visualization of Thin Fiber Structures

Bret Jackson, Tung Yuen Lau, David Schroeder, Kimani C. Toussaint Jr., Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphic (Proceedings of Scientific Visualization / Information Visualization 2013), 2013

Nailing Down Multi-Touch: Anchored Above the Surface Interaction for 3D Modeling and Navigation

Bret Jackson, David Schroeder, Daniel F. Keefe

Proceedings of Graphics Interface, 2012