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Reseach into New Hardware and Configurations for Immersive Visualization

Workbenches of the Future

Multi-Touch Input Meets VR

We are developing new hardware devices that combine the benefits of emerging multi-touch input devices with immersive 3D visualization. One of the interesting research topics in this effort is to discover how best to "touch the 3rd dimension" using 2D touch surfaces. Our work provides several new ideas and creative hardware designs for addressing this challenge.

Tackling the Large Display Problem

Coupling Mobile Interface with Large Displays

Large high-resolution tiled displays provide exciting new opportunities for data visualization, but interacting with these displays is a challenge. With a mouse and keyboard the user is teathered to a desk. The display could be a huge touchscreen, but then users can only interact with it when they stand within arms' reach. We are research new approaches to working with large displays that provide a consistent interface for users when working up close and far away from the display, supporting a natural mobile style of use that matches the strengths of the large visual display.

Journal and Conference Articles

Low Cost VR Meets Low Cost Multi-touch

Dane Coffey, Fedor Korsakov, Daniel F. Keefe

Proceedings of International Symposium on Visual Computing, 2010