Sculpting Visualizations:
Toward a Practice and Theory of 3D Scientific Visualizations
Using Physical Objects and Augmented Reality
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Journal and Conference Articles

Antarctic Water Masses and Ice Shelves: Visualizing the Physics

Greg Abram, Francesca Samsel, Mark R Petersen, Xylar Asay-Davis, Darin Comeau, Stephen F Price

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2021

Enabling Crosscutting Visualization for Geoscience

Danielle Albers Szafir, Francesca Samsel, Stephanie Zeller, Rick Saltus

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2021

Multi-Touch Querying on Data Physicalizations in Immersive AR

Bridger Herman, Maxwell Omdal, Stephanie Zeller, Clara A Richter, Francesca Samsel, Dr Greg Abram, Daniel F Keefe

Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, 2021

The State of the Art of Spatial Interfaces for 3D Visualization

Lonni Besan\ccon, Anders Ynnerman, Daniel F Keefe, Lingyun Yu, Tobias Isenberg

Computer Graphics Forum, 2021

Close Reading for Visualization Evaluation

Annie Bares, Daniel F. Keefe, Francesca Samsel

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2020

Using Close Reading as a Method for Evaluating Visualizations

Annie Bares, Stephanie Zeller, Cullen D. Jackson, Daniel F. Keefe, Francesca Samsel

2020 IEEE Workshop on Evaluation and Beyond - Methodological Approaches to Visualization (BELIV), 2020

Artifact-Based Rendering: Harnessing Natural and Traditional Visual Media for More Expressive and Engaging 3D Visualizations

Seth Johnson, Francesca Samsel, Gregory Abram, Daniel Olson, Andrew J. Solis, Bridger Herman, Phillip J. Wolfram, Christophe Lenglet, Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2019

Enriching Vocabulary via the Human Hand

Francesca Samsel, Annie Bares, Seth Johnson, Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE VIS Arts Program 2019, 2019

Art Exhibits

Salt, Chemistry and Cultivation: An immersive experience of climate data in the Gulf of Mexico

Sculpting Vis Collaborative

Accepted to South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival 2020, Austin, TX (Delayed due to Pandemic), 2020

Workshop Papers

Boxcars On Potatoes: Exploring the Design Language for Tangible Visualizations of Scalar Data Fields on 3D Surfaces

Bridger Herman, Daniel F. Keefe

Toward a Design Language for Data Physicalization: Workshop at IEEE VIS 2018, 2018


Poster: Automatic Generation of Data Legends for 3D Multi-Variate Artist Driven Visualizations

Claire Weissman, Bridger Herman, Stephanie Zeller, Francesca Samsel, Daniel F. Keefe

IEEE Visualization, 2020

Best Poster Award

PhD Theses

Undergraduate Honors Theses

Comparative Analysis of Data Visualization Aesthetics: A User Study Framework

Angeline Moyer

Honors Thesis, University of Minnesota Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 2021

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