Interactive Visualization Lab

Our Mission

To imagine the future, inventing and creatively employing new computer tools for the benefit of society. We use interactive computer graphics, data-processing algorithms, and radical new computer input-output technologies to address challenging problems in data understanding, digital design, and art. We work in an interdisciplinary, collegial, collaborative atmosphere, where outstanding students partner with faculty to conduct research integrated with education.

Our vision is a world where all human-computer interactions are created mindfully and where these interactions fundamentally make people better. To contribute to this vision, we aim to be a leading, internationally recognized academic resource for generating and disseminating new knowledge, specifically new understandings of the complex and interconected relationship between humans and computers.

About our research group


Our research centers on data visualization, computer graphics, and human-computer interaction. Current projects include visualization of large-scale time-varying data, 3D modeling in virtual reality, and creativity-support tools for complex design tasks. We are committed to reproducable science. In addition to traditional publications and presentations, we also release all of the software we develop to the academic community via open source projects. Our work is supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the National Academies Keck Futures Initiative, the University of Minnesota, and industry partners.

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Our research group includes about 10 undergraduate and graduate students. Our lab in 2-203 Keller Hall is equipped with high-end graphics workstations that drive a series of innovative visual displays and interactive devices. Major equipment includes a 4-wall CAVE Virtual Reality display; a Multi-Surface, Multi-Touch Virtual Reality Environment; and a 3D Haptic (Force-Feedback) Display. We also work regularly with the visualization facilities at the Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.

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Education & Outreach

Academic presentations, teaching at the University of Minnesota, and reaching out to the local community are all important ways that we disseminate the results of our research. Many of our academic talks are available online. At the U, there are many great ways for students to get involved. And, in the local community, we work with K-12 schools and organizations, such as the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Fair.

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Research Spotlight: Bringing art to science with the IV/Lab

September 2018: The IV/LAB is featured in a University video series showcasing several research labs in the College of Science and Engineering.

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Interview with Over Coffee® Podcast

March 2018: Professor Keefe was inteviewed by Over Coffee®, a podcast focused on the intersection of art and science. Professor Keefe talks about his own path to becoming an artist and a scientist, and how art and science meet in the IV/LAB.

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Orbacles installed in Minneapolis

June 2017: MINN_LAB, a design collective of architects and computer scientists from the IV/LAB, was awarded a $50,000 grant from the City of Minneapolis for winning the Creative City Challenge 2017. The grant funded the public art installation called, Orbacles, which opened at Northern Spark 2017 in The Commons park in downtown Minneapolis.

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